Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday night

 We had a lot of fun at John's Incredible Pizza on Friday night.
Everyone ate lots of pizza. That always makes for happy little people.
( was very orange.....please ignore the orangeness of these pictures!)
 Zoey loved the food. She wanted pizza and ice cream and anything she could get her hands on.
 My brother Joel was there.
Don't worry ladies......he's single ;)
Max, Mia, and Zackary rode the frog hopper together and Mia loved it. Zack was in tears and demanding to be let down and Max was yelling for someone to stop the ride. Oh well....
Zackary really enjoyed the race cars and the roller coaster and Max liked everything else he did as well. Next time we will just send Mia on this one!

We got home late and the kids had a sleepover downstairs on the fuzzy rug. Too bad no one slept in. Maybe tomorrow.

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