Thursday, June 7, 2012


 We took a little trip up the coast to see Monterey this week!
It was an eventful drive on Monday. We stopped in Santa Barbara for a walk along the beach and a visit with some friends. We had a quick lunch and we were back on the road. Zackary was wearing Zoey's Bumbo on his head while we drove :)
 We took the scenic route and it was amazing!
Ty flipped the car around on the highway so that I could hop out and take some pictures. This is our car on the one side.
 and the ocean on the other side!
 The road was very narrow and full of turns. It made me a little bit nervous, but Ty has no fear behind the wheel :)
 We stayed on the road the whole time!
When we arrived in Monterey that evening we were sad to discover that it was FREEZING! Like really cold!
I had brought jackets for everyone, but I was really planning on summer weather and was very much caught off guard. As usual we tried to make the best of things.
 Our hotel had a nice little fire pit,
 and a heat lamp that we used simultaneously.
 There was also much hot chocolate.
 It was a happy treat!
 Zoey hated the drive and was happy to be settled for a while.
We ordered in a pizza for dinner and went to bed.
 The next morning the kids were up bright and early so we took them to the park to play while we waited for the rest of the world to wake up.
  When it seemed like a reasonable hour we went to the aquarium.
 It was so much fun. It was very kid/family oriented.
 There were lots of activities and learning centers.
 The aquarium is right on the ocean. (or the bay....)
 It was cold, but at least the skies were blue and clear!
 After the aquarium we spent some time on Cannery Row. Max and Mia were having a grand ole time.
 They love posing for pictures.
 Zack, was really grumpy. He was refusing to move here. 
We stopped by the ghiradelli chocolate store for samples, and everyone felt better!
 Ty wanted to have lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant.
They gave us a free basket of fries to eat while we were waiting.
It was awesome :)
 and any restaurant that gives out coloring books and crayons is fine with me.
After lunch we finished up on Cannery Row and went back to the hotel for a quick clean-up break.
 There was a shopping center nearby with a Whole Foods market and a William-Sonoma kitchen store. I had to visit!
(This picture is of Max and a seal statue, but I think it looks real!)
I bought some fig balsamic vinegar and coconut sugar that I can't wait to try. I found a great bread knife at William-Sonoma, but it was $400 so I passed on that :)
 We found an amazing toy store that the kids loved.
We finished our evening with dinner and movies at the hotel.
 The next morning the kids were up and ready to go again so we headed to Pebble Beach.
 It was cold, again!
 Cold, but beautiful!
 The kids really enjoyed running along the beach and this walking path.
 It was a very happy morning!
Next we went to the Children's Museum in Monterey. We played and crafted and Zackary ran wild. We had lunch at Henry's BBQ. It was so good and made us all miss Nashville.
We made one more trip to the park and then took a quick drive to Carmel to see the mission.
It was historic and beautiful, but (I apologize) I find missions creepy.

We came back to the hotel and spent some time in the pool and hot tub. After dinner we watched American Ninja Warrior and it was amazing!
We woke up this morning, packed up, loaded the car, and headed home!
It was a great trip, but I am glad to be home where it is warm and we all have our own beds!

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