Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little Help Please :)

Our summer is going great! I am loving the long days, but I do have one complaint.

All of the kids are waking up at different times throughout the morning and everyone is wanting breakfast at a different time. I am feeling kind of overwhelmed by all of this meal prep.
 How is everyone else handling summer breakfast?

Do you have your children serve themselves?
Do you make something that can be served all morning long?


{Erica} said...

You're so nice and let them sleep until they wake up.

We wake our kids up every morning between 7 and 7:20...the only exception to this rule is if we had a super late night the night before.

Because we wake them all up at the same time breakfast is served at the same time.

For you I would say let Max make his own breakfast. Then whatever younger kid wakes up first, when making that persons breakfast have the other child's breakfast ready (cereal without milk until they wake up, etc.).

Or...just throw some candy at them when they wake up :)

Anonymous said...

I only have one kid who eats "breakfast" so I guess I don't have a lot of ideas. But my Mom just made us wait till she had made breakfast for everyone at the same time. We would just watch cartoons or go outside till breakfast was ready.