Sunday, June 10, 2012

This week!

This first week of summer vacation has been wonderful. Ty had the whole week off. We enjoyed every moment!
Our trip to Monterey was a blast. The rest of the weekend included a trip to Costo, lots of laundry, and a date night for Ty and I.
Tomorrow Ty goes back to work and summer at home begins for the rest of us. I have been preparing to have all 4 kids at home for quite a while and I am really looking forward to our days of play.
I have this week planned out. Here is a quick peek at our schedule:


Reading: If You Give a Dog a Donut
followed by a trip to our favorite donut shop (Choco-Donuts) for breakfast.

working on our Father's Day gifts and making treats for FHE


Reading: If You Give a Moose a Muffin
and baking blueberry muffins

trip to the library

writing and mailing letters or writing/drawing in journals


Reading: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (are you sensing a theme?)
Cookie baking for a special occasion

Backyard bike wash

chalk drawings


Reading: I Love Monkey

costumes and dance party to music (while in costumes)

making kool-aid slurpees


field trip to Oak Glen

movie night with pizza

I am really looking forward to a memorable summer full of happy days. I want this to be a special time that the kids will really enjoy.

What are you doing this week? This month? This summer?

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Bingham Family said...

what fun theme ideas! i love summer too and love to do fun stuff with the kiddos.