Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Breakaway

I am referring to this update as the spring breakaway because we had originally planned on a week long family vacation during Max's spring break. After much discussion we decided to limit our escape to just a few days of fun. By doing this we hoped to avoid meltdowns and other bouts of sadness. Our trip was amazing. Ty and I agree that the mini trip was just perfect. I think the kids are glad to be home already!

We left on Tuesday morning and headed to Long Beach to visit the aquarium of the pacific.
We had been to the Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg while we were in Tennessee and we were excited to see what Long Beach had to offer.
 The kids loved all of the colorful fish.
 There were sharks, otters, starfish, jellyfish, sea lions....etc, etc.
 I think Zackary's favorite were all of the little swarms of fish.
Mia and I loved the otters.

After the aquarium we had some lunch.
We wanted to try out a place we had seen on Diner's Drive In's an Dives called Schooner or Later.
It was a very fun location right on the water. We sat on the covered patio, because the day was pretty chilly.

 We had a good time. Eating out is always a treat.

 After lunch we stopped by Whole Foods so that Ty could push the kids around in a shopping cart while I shopped the bulk section. I got whole wheat pastry flour, cacao nibs, cocoa dusted almonds, dates, and fresh honey roasted peanut butter.
Next we checked into our hotel in Newport.
 We had a pretty nice view and the room did not disappoint!
The kids were kind of confused and thought we had moved. We tried to explain that we were just on vacation.
We changed into swim clothes and headed to the pool.
We tried out two different pools and one of the hot tubs.
Mia is a fish and loved the pool while Zackary had to be pried out of the hot tub.
After burning all of those calories in the pool it was time for a trip to the happiest place on earth.
Sprinkles! Cupcakes!
 Did you know that they sell frosting shots at Sprinkles?
Little cups of frosting in the flavor of your choice topped with sprinkles. Perfect if you have a little girl that only eats the frosting off of cupcakes.
 I got the cinnamon sugar cupcake. It was sugar and spice and seriously moist cake.
 Max got the chocolate marshmallow cupcake. He ate every bite.
Ty ate a dark chocolate cupcake. He started talking about how good the gelato looked at the ice cream store a few doors down from Sprinkles. I told him that we were on vacation and that if he wanted gelato he should go get some. He did!

After cupcakes I made a trip to Sur La Table to buy all sorts of "necessary" things :)
We went back to the hotel for dinner and a movie. 
The kids were exhausted and were asleep pretty quickly.
In the morning we visited Balboa Island. We walked all over the place. Looking at the little houses and the boats.
We stopped at the banana stand so that Ty could get a frozen banana and the kids got some doghnuts.
 The little Main Street on Balboa Island is filled with little boutiques and restaurants.
 We found lots of interesting things to look at, like this little horse outside of the toy store.
 Ty packed Zoey around in the backpack the whole time.
I love this baby backpack. It has been so great! If you have a baby, and do not have a baby backpack. I highly recommend picking one up!
 This picture has Zack in it too!
 I guess the cows on Balboa island are lime green with colorful flowers.
 They are also named Bessie.
By this point the sun had warmed up the day and we were ready for the beach!
 Zoey was excited!
We set her up on the sand and made her a little shade.
I stayed with her while the bigger kids played.
 It really was a gorgeous day!
No cloud coverage and just warm enough to dance in the water.
 Laguna is my favorite beach!
 Max is the brave one.
When we were all covered with sand we moved to the grass by the playground and had a little picnic. We made one last trip to the local candy store and headed home.
The kids were all asleep before they could get to their candy. 
We had a blast!

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