Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another almost Friday night

1. One more day until we are officially able to enjoy our spring break! We altered our trip plans and are staying in SoCal for the week. We will be visiting the aquarium in Long Beach, playing in Newport, and eating some cupcakes from Sprinkles!

2. My brother came for a quick one night visit with us. The kids loved spending some time with him.

3. I went shopping at Trader Joe's today and got everything I needed for St. Patty's day. I am using pesto sauce to make some very green and very delicious mashed potatoes.

4. My treadmill died today. I am sad, but I think my heart will go on.

5. Life is getting very busy. There is never enough time in the day and I often wish that I didn't have to sleep, because I could do so much during that time. Sadly, I need sleep, and I LOVE sleep.

6. Goodnight...Happy Thursday!

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