Saturday, March 17, 2012

A few things

It's Saturday! 
Ty will be at an anesthesia conference for most of the weekend, but starting Monday he will be able to join us for the rest of spring break!
I love weekends. I love the long quiet mornings. Zoey woke up for breakfast and a bath but that was exhausting for her and now she is back in bed. Zack and Mia are watching Wonder Pets while they drink their smoothies. Smoothies are pretty standard breakfast fare around here. They are super easy, fast, and I can sneak all sorts of healthy ingredients into them. Max is still asleep. He was out late playing basketball with Ty last night. I started my day with a workout and now I am enjoying the world's best granola. 
It always helps me to focus on the little things that make life grand. It makes each day a bit more decadent, and I am all about the decadence!
I guess aside from being Saturday, today is also St. Patrick's Day! I didn't get around to doing much this year, but I do have a fun dinner planned. It does not include corned beef and cabbage, but it will include lots of green!
Have a wonderful Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, Weekend, and Spring Break!

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