Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking Back and then Ahead

August is almost over! It flew by in a blur of back to school madness and a massive heat wave. Last night I felt the first hint of relief from all of the heat. I was able to open the windows while we slept and the house was nice and cool this morning. Hopefully the nights continue to cool down and maybe we can get some fall baking started soon! As far as school goes we are now in the full swing of things. I am starting to get pretty good at packing lunches the kids will eat and our schedule seems to be working out well. 
I have all sorts of plans for September. I want to get some holiday planning done, craft with the kids, plan birthdays for Zack and Mia, paint a room or two in the house, read a good book, and have a few more late summer cookouts with friends and family.
What are your plans for September?

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Rob and Kate Taylor said...

You'll get it all done and outside looking in you'll do it gracefully because that's you!

Hopefully enjoying some lovely fall weather, Heaven knows we are ready for it. Getting out of the house and exploring a little more, as well as having some Grandparents visit! (my parents this month - Rob's in Nov.) I am so excited. My dad is doing well enough to travel and my in laws were last here when Mason was born, this will also be our first one on one visit with them and none of his other siblings since we were married.
HAPPY FALL! Happy birthday to your little 2 and HAPPY SEPTEMBER!