Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Pregnancy (This time around)

Pregnancy is not a glamorous thing.

No matter how much or how little weight you gain, someone will have something to say about it.

Cravings don't exist the 4th time around. You eat what you can when you can.

Tums are your friend.

Tiny baby kicks are super exciting.

Comfy is best, but better if comfy is cute too.

A ridiculous amount of time is spent in the bathroom.

Switching doctors halfway through your pregnancy is okay.

20 minute cat naps are the best!

Climbing the stairs is a serious workout

Picking out baby names is always fun.

I am not one of those people that loves being pregnant. I am not a fan of maternity photo shoots, and I have never experienced that burst of energy near the end of pregnancy that people talk about.
What I do love is knowing that we are going to be welcoming another little spirit into our family. I love that Mia is getting a sister. I love picking out comfy socks to wear and movies to watch at the hospital. 
There are ups and downs to every pregnancy, but I really can't complain, because the end result is so very awesome :)

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