Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Zackary!

 We had a little birthday celebration for Zackary last night.
Ty brought home balloons for the birthday boy.
 He was excited about his surprise :)
My parents came over and we opened lots of presents.
 Ty's parents sent Zac this bumblebee pillow pet. Max and Mia each received one for their birthdays and Zackary was glad to be a part of the pillow pet crowd.
 My parents got Zack the secret agent car from Cars 2. When you shake him up he drives on his own. A big crowd pleaser!
 Zack also got Lightning Mcqueen and Mater from Cars. He wanted to go upstairs and watch the movie with his new friends right away.
 There were also some Thomas Trains included in the mix.
 Zackary loved all of his gifts. He spent the rest of the evening playing with them and then took them all to bed with him. (He slept really well too!)
 I made a chocolate cake for Zack. I covered it with buttercream and a layer of ganache and then I made the letter "Z" for Zackary out of M&M's.
Max pointed out that it could also be the letter "N". I figured that was okay, since his last name is Newman.
I put one little #2 candle on his cake, but he was unwilling to blow it out. He was nervous about that part, so Max and Mia helped out.
Happy Birthday Zack! We love you!


Jessica Newman said...

Happy birthday cute boy!

Rob and Kate Taylor said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!...Hope the 2's aren't as painful for him as much as they've been for Mason. :)

btw...we think a lot alike !!! Mason received Mater and Lighting for his birthday!