Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

It is a wet and rainy day in southern california. From inside the house you might think that fall had arrived, but sadly because the weather is still so warm, outside is just muggy and gross.
I ran to the store this morning and saw plenty of people pretending that it was indeed fall. There were ladies in sweaters and jeans with boots. Everyone seems to love the fall, but really what's not to love?
Apple picking
Cute clothes (great shoes!)
hot chocolate and apple cider
Corn mazes
cozy socks.......
I might just stay inside and pretend it's fall too.

Ty is on call today and has been to the hospital twice already. I guess a holiday makes for a busy day at work. I will have to make him some sort of fabulous dinner and dessert for later today.
My parents called this morning and wanted to come out to see the kids. They took them out for some special grandparent fun time. While they were gone I cleaned all of the bathrooms, swiffered my floors (If you have any amount of tile in your home you really must get a swiffer wet-jet, best things ever!), made myself some lunch, and spent a little time on Pinterest! It is amazing what you can do when the house is quiet. And you can do it while listening to your favorite music too!

Ty wants me to start putting all of the pictures I take onto his mac and I am not sure how to do it yet, so that is my brief explanation for why there have been no pictures of anyone lately, but soon I will be brave and learn how to do it.

Happy Labor Day :)

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