Saturday, August 27, 2011

Despicable Me

Ty and I like it too!
We all especially like the minions in the film. Ty and I were at the store picking up some milk and Ty asked if we should buy a box of twinkies to make our own minions.
 It seemed like an awesome idea! Zac was excited :)
 We dove into our project on Friday night, because we are wild and crazy like that.
Ty used amazing precision with his frosting application. (That's just what a twinkie needs is a good layer of extra frosting.)
 Max spent a lot of time on his minion as well.
And here are the finished minions:
 Max's minion.
 Ty's minion.

We made a big mess and everyone was high on sugar afterward, but it was fun! To complete our minion filled evening we watched Despicable Me.
It was a great Friday night!

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Jessica Newman said...

How CUTE! we all LOVE that movie as well! We just might have to make some twinkie minions of our own ;) thanks for the idea! Hope you all have a fantastic week!