Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 Next week we are going to be celebrating Max's 6th birthday! I found THIS recipe for a decadent and rich chocolate cake that I am going to be using to make
THIS pirate ship cake.
Max requested a pirate ship birthday cake for this year and the how-to looks super easy! I am going to use little lego pirate men to man the ship.
We love birthdays!


Jessica Newman said...

amazing! you'll have to post a pic when you're done I bet it'll turn out fantastic! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX YOU CUTIE PIE! -I hope it's a great one!

Rob and Kate Taylor said...

You definately have to show yours this looks so cute and might have to go in a folder for the future Taylor Birthdays... Happy birthday to your big man! 6 years old!!! WOW!
Have fun!