Thursday, August 18, 2011

Max's Birthday Celebration!

 Ty picked Max up from school 1/2 hour early so that we could meet up with my parents at John's Incredible Pizza for Max's birthday fun.
 After eating way too much pizza we headed over to the rides and the games.
 Max had a blast!
He tried all sorts of games. He did a great job in this little bowling alley.
 Ty helped him improve his skills and by the end of the game he was pretty good.
 Max and Ty did some games together and then Max, Ty and my Dad got together to do the bumper cars!
 The lights and mirrors made it hard to take pictures, but they were having so much fun!
 Mia and Zack had a great time as well. There were games and flashing lights everywhere. Kind of like a casino for kids!

 After all the play and pizza we all headed back to our house for cake and presents.
 The pirate ship cake was not as easy to make as I had hoped. I had one failure yesterday, but I was able to recover with a pretty decent cake.
 It was pure chocolate goodness anyway!
 My parents got Max a brand new skateboard.
 I know Zackary will enjoy pushing himself around on it while Max is at school!
 Ty and I got Max some Heelys. He has been asking for a pair.
I think they are going to take some getting used to and I kind of feel like he needs to wear his helmet while wearing them, but after a while I think he is going to be great on them!
We love our Max! We are very proud of him. He is a great brother and a great friend. He is our most favorite first grader!
Happy 6th Birthday Max!


Robert and Lisa said...

He's getting so tall! What a fun birthday. I should do that exact same thing on my next birthday...with the pirate cake and everything :)

Jessica Newman said...

YAY! what fun -happy birthday Max!