Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today was a Tuesday

Ty and I made an offer on a house today!
I can't help but daydream about decorating the kid's rooms and cooking in the kitchen!

We went downtown with my brother and the kids today. We stopped by the library bookstore so that I could stock up on magazines for the gym. I am so excited to get my cardio on in the morning! After the bookstore we did a little tour de Redlands. We played by the fountains at the Lincoln Shrine and danced on stage at the bowl. On the way home we stopped for tacos at Cuca's. Oh how I have missed good tacos! I seriously cannot get enough of them now that I am back in California. After tacos I had to go to the store and buy good chocolate with which I had to make some good brownies. Overall it was a pretty awesome Tuesday.

Hoping to hear some good news soon!

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6L's said...

yay for the house offer! can't wait to see pics!