Monday, January 24, 2011


My mom and I spent the day making large batches of rolls for a relief society activity later this week. The rolls were covered in foil while they rising. When we started baking I started making piles of foil. The kids were running all over the place so I started grabbing them and making them little foil hats. Next thing we knew they were pirate hats and Max and Mia started swashbuckling!
Maybe they don't really look like pirate hats, but that's what we were pretending they were.
Max has been in that weird photo face phase for a while, but Mia is now leaning in that direction as well.
Zackary wouldn't keep his hat on his head, but he did join in on the pirate adventure. He found a sword and attacked everyone.
In the meantime we baked up some super yummy rolls!

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Jessica Newman said...

you are SUCH a fun mom!