Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One step forward.......

Yesterday began with some sad news. The house we were on our way to purchasing had been appraised for less than we were going to pay for it. When I say less....I mean $50,000.00 less! Needless to say the buyers are really not interested in dropping the price. This makes no sense to us, but we are walking away. We were sad and discouraged, but good has come out of the situation. We now know that we can afford more house or at least the same quality house. We are planning on starting our search once again this weekend. We have decided that we really like the Beaumont area and we will be looking there exclusively.
We are still moving forward! Ty is loving his job. Max is doing well in school. I continue to feel slightly unsettled, but I am making the most of our situation.

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