Thursday, January 20, 2011

So far this week:

It's Thursday night and the week has flown by!
Ty has been busy getting to know his new work environment. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that the entire anesthesia department eats for free at the hospital cafeteria. I never have to send Ty with a brown bag lunch again. I am not sure what I will do with all of the extra cookies now.
Max had a busy week at school and bought lunch from the cafeteria for the first time. From the way he talked about it, I think it may have been the best meal of his life!
Mia and I have been reading like crazy and working on her ABC's. She is finally showing an interest in writing! I am planning on sending her to preschool this fall so hopefully by then she will be writing her name at least.
My mom took Max and Mia to the pool where my grandma lives. It is heated year round to about 90 degrees. They had a blast! I can't believe they are swimming in January :)
Little Zack has not been to the pool yet, because I have not been in the mood to get in a swimsuit and chase him around. While he is at home he plays with his cars which he loves more than anything! He drives them around and makes little vroom-ing sounds.
I am in love with the California sunshine and have been walking Max to and from school every day.
We are looking forward to Friday and the weekend!

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