Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garage Sales

My mom goes out every Saturday morning with a group of friends. They map out a route ahead of time of the weekend garage sales. They get up early and treasure hunt all morning. Today I decided to join them. The company is always wonderful. I love a little girl talk. I found some great deals; a doll house for Mia, clothes for Zac, and a few fun things for Max. At the end of the morning, however, I felt a bit disappointed. I had spent money, not a lot, but some. I had bought some cute things, but nothing we really needed. I think unless I was able to use great discretion I might end up wasting money week after week. I usually go to the gym on Saturday mornings and I think next week my tradition will resume. As for saving money, I think I do best when I shop online or in store for one item that I know I need and want and look for the best deal.
What are your thoughts on garage sales, and saving money?


6L's said...

i don't do it either, i'm not that organized with it. it must have something to do with being a busy mom for us. :) my friend that has grown kids is an awesome garage sale buyer. check out her blog, she turns her deals into treasures all the time!

Trisha said...

I'm with you Jessica, I think garage sales are great but I also think that you can end up with a lot of things that you don't actually need and end up getting rid of later at another garage sale. I sale a lot of things on ebay so I am always on the look out for things that I might be able to sell at a higher value on ebay. Garage sales are a great way to find items like this. This is just my opinion. By the way your house looks fabulous, and it's not that great? Yeah whatever! It's beautiful!