Friday, August 20, 2010

Firefighters Save the Day!

The little kids, and their mommas, met up for a field trip at the Goodlettsville Fire Department.
Last year Max was with us. We missed him, but are glad he is having fun at school!
Mia was glad to have her friend, little miss Desiree, to play with.
I made Zackary sit on the back of a fire truck so that I could get a picture. He was not amused.
The firefighters did a great job with our tour. We got to see the "dorms" where everyone sleeps. They keep the rooms at about 60 degrees! It was obvious a bunch of men were living there!
Mia sat with Dallon and Desiree on the big truck.
We got to see the stations new fancy engine. They call it the Ferrari Inferno. Very cool :)

While we were looking at the trucks the firefighters got a call and were on the truck and gone in less than a minute! They move fast!
It made for a great tour though!

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Sherri said...

This is fantastic! I would love to have my kids tour a fire station!