Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Bread

Tuesday began with pancakes. Max and Mia love to roll up their pancakes with butter and powdered sugar and then to slice and eat them like little cinnamon rolls. It was a happy breakfast, but it lasted longer than it should have and we had to hurry to get Max to school on time. He made it! Mia had a play date with Desiree. She was so excited! This left just Zack at home. It was a good thing he was all I had because he was one seriously sad baby! Between his ears, his teeth, and his constant need for food, he was pretty unhappy. After much crying, some yogurt, and a little tylenol, Zac had a nap and felt a little better. I decided not to worry about housework and made cinnamon bread instead. Ree (aka the Pioneer Woman) had made some and posted about it on her blog and I thought it looked like just the thing. We sliced our cinnamon bread into thick slices and spread butter over the swirls. It was so delicious and I may have eaten half the loaf.

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