Friday, August 13, 2010

Brothers vs. Sisters

I come from a family of four children. Of those four I am the only girl. I always felt like I missed out on something special because I didn't have a sister. I longed for someone who I could share secrets and clothes with. I looked forward to college and sharing an apartment with other girls that I could become close to. After I married Ty I inherited several sister in laws, but I still felt like I missed out by not growing up with sisters.
I now have three beautiful children; two boys, and one precious little girl. The other day I was feeling just awful that she didn't have a sister. I was almost in mourning over the fact that she had no one to share being a girl with in our home.
At this point something remarkable happened. I was given a little insight. For the first time in my life I appreciated brothers. I felt very lucky to have grown up in a house of somewhat sticky and huge boys. I suddenly recognized that while I was feeling like I had missed out on some important life experience I had forgotten to notice the blessings I had been given.
My older brother, Josh, is quiet and soft spoken. He is obedient and always does what is required of him. He is a loyal friend, and while we did not get along growing up I now greatly admire him and appreciate his willingness to forgive and accept me as I am.
My younger brother, Joel, is not at all quiet or soft spoken. He is loud and more than willing to make his opinions known to the world. Growing up we were very close. Joel is working on making his place in the world, and I am excited to see where he ends up.
My youngest brother, Jamison, is the tallest in spite of being the youngest. He is 6"6. He is always happy and ready to rejoice in my little victories. He is kind and very funny. He gives me energy when I talk to him.
I am grateful to have grown up with some wonderful brothers and I am glad to still have them as friends.
I am glad Mia has some great brothers to take care of her. I hope they will be some of her great friends as well.


6L's said...

does this mean the baby factory is closed down? :)
i also grew up the only girl with 3 brothers. my mom says when i was little that i asked for a sister. i never remember that. although never spoiled b/c i was the 2nd oldest, i always liked being the only girl. we lived in a 3 br house once....3 boys in a tiny room and i had one all to myself! :)
anyway, parents divorced, remarried and guess what i gained?
5 stepbrothers, LOL! i really don't mind. we have twin boys and 2 girls...not sure how i'm gonna handle all those 'sisterly' things i never experienced...should be interesting! i like your thoughts on it though :)

The Traylor's said...

I can't imagine. My sister and I were very close growing up, we'd sneak into each others beds and tell secrets at night. Sadly over the years her life took a different course and now I find myself mourning for her and her choices, it breaks my heart that she won't ever know the happiness I know.

With that being said, I have four wonderful brothers, and my world pretty much revolved around them growing up. I adore them all so much, there is something so special about brothers!

..and who knows, maybe your next one will be a girl, and Mia will have a sister after all :)