Saturday, August 7, 2010

Butterfly Day

We drove out to Wilderness Station in Murfreesboro this morning so that the kids could learn all about butterflies. There were lots of volunteers that showed us all sorts of caterpillars and cocoons.
Max got to hold a Monarch on his arm and then we walked through the butterfly gardens.
Mia made a caterpillar that opens up and turns into a butterfly. Hopefully now she can make a connection between the two.
After our butterfly expedition we headed out on a little nature walk. The park was really beautiful.
It was the perfect day to walk and explore. We are having a tiny break from the humidity so while it is still hot, at least it is bearable.
After our brief walk the kids were thirsty and tired. We had a cooler in the car full of drinks and after some hydration we found a great playground.
Zackary made himself comfortable in the shade and played with the wood chips.
Max and Mia ran like crazy until their little faces were red. We enjoyed our happy little escape and now I am ready to take on the rest of the weekend!

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