Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November in Tennessee

We made it back to Tennessee just in time for November! Zackary was blessed on Sunday. It was a very happy sacrament meeting for us. Zac wore his khakis and his white collared shirt. He was very cute and just afterwards he had an explosion in his diaper and I had to take him home to change his very messy clothes. I am just glad he waited until after the blessing.
Today I took everyone to the library for storytime. We haven't been in forever! Max and Mia were super excited to pick out a bunch of books and movies. Later we walked to Old Navy and the cookie store for a little field trip. We ended up with 2 bouncy balls and a giant chocolate chip cookie so it was successful.
Tomorrow I am signing Max up for preschool. I am way behind, but glad we found a place with an opening for him. I started baking for my Christmas cookie plates yesterday. It is going to be a busy month! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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