Friday, October 30, 2009


We have been meaning to go for a hayride at the big red barn in Santaquin all week. Today is our last full day in Utah so we decided we had better go. We climbed onto the trailer and the "Big Green Tractor" pulled us through the orchards.
It was supposed to be warmer today than it has been, but it wasn't. It was FRIGID! We were soooo cold! I had baby Zac inside his snowsuit and inside my jacket. I looked like I was fully pregnant again.
You know it's cold outside if Ty is bundled up. He never wears a coat!
Here I am hoping we survive the elements and make it back to the barn for some hot chocolate!
The tractor took us to the pumpkin patch and because today is the day before Halloween all of the pumpkins were free! We quickly picked out some potential jack-o-lanterns and got back onto the trailer and under our blankets! We made it back to the barn and asked Max and Mia if they wanted a warm drink. They didn't. They both wanted ice cream!
After our hayride adventure we came home and ate lunch in front of the fireplace. Ty picked up some Taco Time for us. How we miss Taco Time and their deep fried bean burritos in Tennessee!


Joyce said...

You guys are having so much fun!!! Happy memories for you and your little ones. We missed you at our "indoor" trunk or treat last night. It was pouring rain all night, but everyone had fun and didn't seem to mind being inside, at least until time to clean up.

Bingham Family said...

How fun Jessica! I loved the pic of Mia in front of the T rex...