Monday, October 26, 2009

Hogle Zoo!

We got to spend the day at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City with both sets of grandparents. Having 6 adults to 3 kids makes for one happy day!
It was a perfect day to visit the zoo. It was cold enough that we needed to be pretty bundled, but not so cold that we couldn't stand to be outside. The zoo was not too crowded and it was great to take our time at each exhibit.
Right from the start Max was asking to see the tigers. We finally made it to see this big guy. He kept growling and it was totally creeping me out. I was sure he was going to get out and we were going to have to run for our lives. He stayed put though. We made it home safely :)

We are in Cougar Country so it was only appropriate to see a cougar. Go BYU! (even though you lost really badly on Saturday night we still love you!)

Max and Mia took a ride on the carousel. Max chose a gorilla and Mia picked out a zebra.
Max and Mia with Grandma Newman
Babies were in abundance at the zoo today. Animals and humans alike, we are in Utah after all! This baby Elephant was the cutest! I had never seen an elephant so small. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months and their babies are between 200 and 250 pounds at birth!
Max, Mia, and Grandpa Sheffer get a good look at the little elephant
Mama and baby

The Giraffes are always a favorite
A Baby Giraffe made it all the more fun
It was great to be outside in the sunshine all day. Zac was so good! He stayed bundled up and warm and happy. After the zoo we had a late lunch at the Paradise Bakery and Cafe in Sugarhouse. It was very delicious and I ate a ton because I was starving after walking all day at the zoo!
I am so glad we got to take the kids to see all of the animals! It was a great day!

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The Karrens said...

Glad you are having a great time. It really is a beautiful time of year.