Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It was a really beautiful day in Lawrenceburg. The kids and I found a really great playground and park where we could spend the morning.
It was great to be outside in the sunshine. Mia picked out her usual favorite place to be...the swings! Zackary stayed cozied up in his favorite place to a blanket in my arms. How is it that babies totally know whether they are being held or not?
The fabulous playground
We stayed as long as we could until Max and Mia were way grumpy and in need of food. After lunch we headed out of town into Amish country and hit up some of the markets. It was a great day. We are headed back home tomorrow and will be getting ready for our trip to Utah this Saturday!

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Jessica said...

You guys are coming to UTAH??!!
HOW FUN! Enjoy your time.
Sure wish we could meet up some time.....