Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ty is currently doing a clinical rotation at Crockett hospital in Lawrenceburg. Sunday after church we loaded the car full of clothes and kids and headed down to spend a few days with him. Sadly the weather has not been very cooperative. It has been rainy and cold since we got here, but we are still having fun! On Monday we got a new puzzle. Max mastered it quickly. We made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and did some bird watching out the big front window. We made some awesome brownies, because what is any sort of vacation without chocolate? We played at the Mcdonalds playground and collected rocks.
Everyone is always glad when daddy comes home at the end of the day!
Tuesday morning we headed out for downtown Lawrenceburg to see the sites. I have to be honest there are not many of them, this is a VERY small town! We saw the Davy Crockett museum. I guess Davy Crockett lived here in Lawrenceburg for quite a while and almost everything in town in named after him! We visited the market and bought rootbeer flavored candy sticks and fresh apple cider.

There are many amish people in the area. Everywhere we went we saw their horses and buggies just going down the road with all of the cars! We will be heading back home to Nashville soon. It has been nice to leave all of the chores and business behind, but I am always ready to get back to everyday life. I know the kids are missing their toys and beds.
Zackary Update! Zac is 3 weeks old today! He has spent most of the trip cuddled up with me. At one point I tried to have him cuddle up with Max so I could have a shower. I ended up having a 2 minute shower and a screaming baby. Oh well! I will shower next year :)

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