Friday, November 13, 2009

Wish Lists

This morning I told the kiddos that we could go to Target to make a Christmas wish list. I decided to take pictures of all of the things that are wishing for this year. As it turns out they want everything in the entire store, but there were a few toys that stood out to them. Mia has a great love of all baby dolls....
And anything Dora!
Max is still a fan of the wooden train sets....
...and Batman. It should be a fun shopping season!
After Target we spent the afternoon at the playground. It was another gorgeous day! We are having such an awesome November here in Tennessee!
Baby Zac was sort of awake and sort of happy. He seems to enjoy being outside in the sunshine and to feel the breeze on his little face. Everyone can use a little vitamin D!
We finished the week with a little more holiday baking. Today it was chocolate biscotti, truly one of the best things ever! I am so sad to see this go into the freezer, but it is a good thing for my hips! Ty should be home soon and we can start the weekend! Tomorrow we are taking family Christmas pictures. Hopefully we can get everyone to cooperate :)

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