Friday, November 6, 2009

Cookie Baking 101

To make the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies I start by gathering together my tools: mixer, measuring cups, recipe, spatula, etc.
With the help of eager participants we mix all of the ingredients together to just the right consistency. At this point it is important to eat way too much cookie dough and feel slightly lightheaded.
I use a cookie scoop to measure out equal amounts of dough for each cookie and try not to overcrowd the baking sheets.
I always pull the cookies from the oven a little early so that they can finish cooking on the cookie sheet without burning. Voila! Perfect chocolate chip cookies!


Jessica said...

MMMMMM! They look wonderful.
I made cookies yesterday too! I was also slightly light headed from the cookie dough too, but it was good!

5L's said...

mmm, sounds good! which recipe brand do you use or do you have your own?