Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The day before

It's the day before Thanksgiving!
Today is all about prep. First thing this morning I pulled my ENORMOUS turkey out of the fridge. I got it all cleaned up and trimmed and then smeared a nice salt brine all over it. Tomorrow it will have a nice butter bath before I roast it.
Now I am working on the desserts!
I am making a raspberry crumb pie and this...

I am not usually a cheesecake person, but I saw the recipe on Ambitious Kitchen, and I had to make it.
The crust is made from oreo cookies, hazelnuts, and butter. In the words of Ina Garten, "How bad can that be?"

After dessert is finished I will be moving on to my table. The kids have been helping me with decorations. We cut out fall colored leaves and made some turkeys. I love having an excuse to pull out my china!

Happy turkey prep day!

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Jessica Newman said...

I hope your day was AMAZING -this cheesecake looks SSSOOOOO GOOD! I LOVE hazelnut ANYTHING!