Monday, November 12, 2012


The high today is supposed to be 68 degrees! That means, we in southern California, are freezing!
I have the heaters on and we started the morning with a fire in the fireplace. I went to the store this morning and everyone was dressed in winter coats and boots (myself included!)
It all of a sudden made me very nervous to visit Utah this weekend. I have lived in Utah. I have lived in Tennessee. Both places had cold and snowy winters. I know what to expect; myself wearing flannel underwear, myself cuddling next to the fireplace and space heater, avoiding the outside as much as possible, and the constant dressing and undressing of children that like to go out and play in the snow until they are freezing 5 minutes later.
There are nice things about the frozen winters I suppose. Snow covered earth looks lovely from the inside of a warm house. Hot chocolate is delicious and Christmas carols seem a bit more magical when the world is white.
I guess I can deal with a little cold for a little while.

Keep Calm and Cozy Up!

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Sheffeazy said...

It is freezing up here right now. Be prepared to freeze!!!!