Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Happy Saturday

 It was another beautiful day!
Ty has been at the hospital since 6 this morning, so it was just the littles and me.
We started the day at Yum-Yum doughnuts. I let the kids pick out their favorites. We decided to rent a copy of Puss and Boots for the kids to watch so I could get a few things done. After movie time we had story time! Max's school has just started it's annual Read-A-Thon and Max needs to read 100 books. 
After stories we had to get out!
We walked to the little playground. It is just a few blocks from the house.
 It was my first time walking with all the kids by myself since Zoey was born. I think it went well and now we are ready to start our walks again!
A little vitamin D is always a good idea.
 We played for a while and people watched, and then we dog watched when a family came by with the cutest little puppy.
Saturdays are wonderful days, but I am very much looking forward to Sunday this week, because Ty will be home and that makes me very happy :)

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