Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cool Beans

1. The kids were sick over the weekend and coming into the week. This morning Max and Mia were still convinced they were sick. They cried and coughed and told me that they couldn't go to school. After calling the schools to excuse their absence I called the doctor to make them an appointment. I told them that if they were too sick to go to school it was time to see the doctor. They soon felt better and were well enough to go to school. They were both a little late, but I think it was a good learning experience for all of us!

2. I have a pizza stone that I love using to make home made pizza. We have had at least one pizza night a week for a while and I really enjoy coming up with different creations! Last night we had jalapeno popper pizza with jalapeno and cream cheese alfredo sauce. A few weeks ago I made a chicken enchilada pizza, and the overall favorite was the chicken bacon ranch pizza. Next week the pizza will be pepperoni, but I am using a cutter to shape the pepperoni into little hearts for Valentine's Day!

3. Coming out of the grocery store the other day we came face to face with a table full of girl scout cookies. We bought 2 boxes of thin mints. One for Ty and one for the kids. Thin Mints have brought joy to our home.

4. Zoey is 10 weeks old. I am so happy that she came to join our family. 

5. I am feeling the need to clean and organize. Is it too early to start spring cleaning?

6. Today is a cold and windy day in Beaumont. I am looking forward to spring and summer! I am already planning out our days for summer vacation. I just really like having fun things to look forward to!

Happy Tuesday :)

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