Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I am so loving this long weekend already!

Ty was home today! He never has a Friday off. We felt so lucky to have him home on a day when the kids were home from school. Whenever Ty is home we like to have breakfast together, because when he works he leaves before the kids are up. This morning we had oatmeal with a toppings bar. The kids like cranberries and chocolate chips. I like almonds and candied ginger, and Ty likes plain white sugar with milk.
After breakfast we took a little road trip to Ikea. We found ourselves a coffee table for the front room, new bedding for Ty and I, a fabulous cutting board, and some fun kid stuff. Next we headed to Costco and stocked up on all of the essentials, like butter and bananas :)
The kids were pretty filled up from samples, but Ty and I wanted some In N Out so we made a quick stop for a double double (TY) and an animal style cheeseburger (ME). We stopped by my parent's house for a quick visit and then came home to set up the new table and do a little decorating.
The kids played in the yard and bounced on the trampoline. It was a beautiful day!
We made a big spinach and strawberry salad for dinner and ended the night with some conversation heart bingo.
It was such an awesome day and I am so happy to have the whole weekend left to enjoy! On the agenda for tomorrow is a pancake breakfast, snickers cookies, a walk to the park, planning for Sunday, and a little cleaning.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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