Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Don't most people wear flip flops and sit outside in the sun on February 22nd?
Have I ever mentioned that I really love living in Southern California?
If not, I do!
After picking Max up from school we drove out to Redlands so the kids could go for a swim.
 Little Mia with her little flower and her way too little floaty!
Mia was swimming like a fish today. She did great!
 Max's swim skills were a little rusty, but he was determined.
 He worked hard and swam all the way across the pool!
 Zackary really wasn't interested in swimming. he just wanted to attack the water and other people with this noodle.
 Later he threw the noodle over the fence and took his pants off.
I just love Zackary :)
It was one of Zoey's first times outside for a longer period of time. She got to go without shoes or socks. I think she enjoyed the warm weather. I think we are all going to love spring and summer this year!

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