Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Stations

 The kids were in great need of some activities this morning. I quickly turned our kitchen table into what I called "summer stations". It was super simple and a big hit! At each station I had a different activity. We had the coloring station. It was supplied with coloring books and crayons.
 The play-doh station. Lots of play-doh, cookie cutters, and tools.
 Max enjoys wearing his little pirate hat no matter what he is doing.
 The puzzle station.
 My kids adore puzzles. We find them at the dollar store and at garage sales.
 The last station was oreo cookie stacking.
The towers kept getting smaller. I don't know what could have happened....   :)
The kids rotated around the table and everyone got to do a little bit of everything. It required nothing more than what I had in our craft cupboard and pantry and the kids really enjoyed it.

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