Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Right Now

Yesterday we left the house early for hashbrowns and playtime at Mcdonalds. I was trying to wear the kids out before heading over to Costco. On our way we stopped by my parents house to say hello. Costco went as well as could be expected with only a few escape attempts from Zackary. After Costco we ordered some animal style fries from In-N-Out to eat on the drive home. At home I unloaded all of the groceries and organized the fridge and pantry. The kids played outside. I had to drive to Banning to practice a song for a Relief Society event happening tonight. Ty was working late so I took the kids with me. The practice went well and I am hoping the performance goes well also! At home once again I played board games with the kids until Ty came home. We put the kids to bed and then watched house hunters. It was a busy day and I was so ready for bed!
This morning I woke up and did the usual morning routine; pancakes, teeth brushing, clothes, clean-up, etc.... My mom called and wondered if we would like to come out for a swim. I just couldn't convince myself that it was worth the trouble and decided that we should spend the day close to home. We made a trip to the library and to the store for tomato sauce ingredients. I saw an episode of Throwdown where they made eggplant parmesan and now I must make it too. I made a big batch of chocolate cookies for the Relief Society activity tonight and ran through my song a few times. I have been unsuccessfully trying to get Zackary to take a nap. Max and Mia have been trying on different costumes. I threw together a quick lunch of crackers and cheese and may I just say that I am exhausted already again. 
Life is busy and tiring right now but it is wonderful too. I am glad to have all of the blessings that keep me so busy and fill up my days. 
I ask Heavenly Father each day for strength and energy and I know I am given much help and guidance.
Here's to the joy we find in the everyday normal of our lives.

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Rob and Kate Taylor said...

your energy is being pulled from #4 as well don't forget that... I forget it now and then and wonder why I get so tired after cleaning and playing with Mason.
Take care of yourself and your little sweeties! Miss you guys!