Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Stuff and Plans

What an exciting week we had! I was so happy to learn about our little girl that will be joining our family. I can't wait to buy little baby girl clothes! 
We are going to put the crib up in our room and keep the baby in with us until she is sleeping better and then we want to put Zac and Max in a room together, and Mia and baby girl into a room together, and then use the extra bedroom upstairs as a playroom. When Max gets older, if he needs his own space, he can move to the bedroom downstairs, but for now I think we will keep everyone close together!
This weekend we are busy getting ready for our trip to Utah next week. I am doing lots of laundry and putting outfits together, filling the snack bag, planning games for the car, and baking biscotti to eat on the drive. We leave on Monday morning and will be gone for 1 week. We will be staying with Ty's parents in Payson. We are going to the Spanish Fork Fiesta Day's rodeo where Max will be mutton busting (Riding a sheep, or hanging onto a sheep as long as possible!). I am going to spend some time with my youngest brother and his special lady friend ;) I am most excited to have Ty with us for the entire week! I feel like he has been so busy lately. It is going to be a wonderful break for all of us.
Lots to look forward to. Happy Saturday!

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Rob and Kate Taylor said...

I LOVE MUTTON BUSTING!!!! I've got to find a Rodeo for Mason when he is bigger to sign him up for that. What a fun adventure!