Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Froot Loops

 We have had a BUSY day!
There was laundry to do, floors to clean, windows to wash, and most importantly......A talk to write!
Ty and I are speaking in church this Sunday and I have been putting off and really not looking forward to writing my talk. I finally buckled down and got to work. It took forever, but I finished and I am so relieved! The kids were so good while I was working so I had to reward them with a little entertainment.
 I set out bowls of froot loops and necklace length strings and Max and Mia started stringing cereal.
 I put on some fun music, so it was basically a party :)
 Zackary woke up from his nap in the middle of the necklace making. He was really into Max's necklace so Max gave it to Zac.
 Such a good big brother!
After the necklaces were made the kids sat down to watch a movie and to eat several more bowls of froot loops. They all have a little sugar high now, but it was fun.

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Jessica Newman said...

Good luck on your talk, you're amazing! What CUTIES you have! We sure had fun with you out here! the boys miss there Cali cousins :) -Law has been begging for more of your delicious zucchini bread can I have your recipe? -also the chocolate chips you used in it were FANTASTIC what brand/type were they? Just so you know the email on my blog is wrong -my new email is