Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July

It has been such a busy month! I really wanted to fit in a little Christmas in July celebration. It came down to the last week and finally the very last day of the month, but I was able to make it happen!
I had my little Christmas trees decorating the tabletop. I had the stockings out. They were filled with character band-aids (which we will go through in no time!) and little bags of cheetos.

I made lots of Christmas goodies : caramel wrapped, chocolate dipped pretzels.....
Chocolate dipped shortbread, and caramels (that I used to wrap the pretzels)
My family loves these caramels. They are Grandma Newman's recipe and nothing else will do.
I had the kids wait in Max's room while I set everything up. Ty helped bring out my little gifts for everyone. I told the kids that it was the last day of the month and soon it would be August. I asked if they would like to have Christmas in July. They looked a little confused but thought it sounded like a good idea. I told them that we should go have Christmas. So we walked into the living room and did just that!
Just like on Christmas in December, Max was so excited that he was shaking.
Mia got an Ariel barbie doll.
Max got a little spiderman and green goblin action figure.
All of the kids got bubbles and fancy bubble blowing toys. Ty got a tie. I hate saying that, because it sounds so weird, but Ty needed a tie so Ty got a tie.
After our presents we went to Barnes and Noble for storytime. While we waited for the stores to start the kids played with the train table. I love to see the three of them playing together.
Max and Mia are pretty good about sharing with Zackary. They gave him his own little train.
Mia was the only one that actually sat through the stories. She snacked on her cheetos. I don't know if that was allowed, but we did it anyway! Max was busy trying to get me to buy him things, even though we just had Christmas, and Zackary was wandering through the store. We are having a roasted chicken with sweet potatoes for dinner. I think the Christmas in July party was a lot of fun. It was a big surprise for the kids. I am looking forward to more celebrations with my little family!

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