Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wedding

My dear friend, Catherine, married Ryan Hayes on July 2nd in the Salt Lake Temple. I was thrilled to be a part of it!
Waiting for the bride and groom outside.
I love the Salt Lake Temple. Ty and I were married there almost 7 years ago.
Getting ready
When you are a bridesmaid you do things like; make sure the bride's gown doesn't touch the ground.
The fam! me, Jamison, Dad, and Mom. (we are minus Josh because he was in Alaska, and minus Joel because he hates all things Utah.)

The lovely ladies!
Kathy, Chris, Mom, and me. It was so fun to see everyone there!
Kathy and me!
Dad and Jamison, leaving the conference center for the temple.
Again, Dad and Jamison. Jamison got hold of the camera.
The Handsome Bachelors.
Romney, Jamison, and Brad.

The handsome bachelors + one (non-bachelor) Bishop Haimson.
It was a perfect day for a wedding in Salt Lake. (except for the crazy wind that took Catherine's veil high into the sky!)
Congratulations Catherine!

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