Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Free Movies!

After spending the day yesterday unpacking and doing laundry we were ready to get back to some summer fun today.
Due to preschool and travel we have not been able to see any of the free movies offered this year, until today!
We watched Kung Fu Panda (a good portion of it anyway!) and then headed to the fountains!

It was slightly overcast and not too humid so I really enjoyed sitting outside with the kids.
Max and Mia ran and ran through the water. They were soaked and having a blast!
I had granola bars and juice, so they had to keep running over to me.

Zac sat with me in his little hat. I slathered his exposed skin in SPF 50 and fed him cheerios. He was very happy.
I love this little boy!
We are excited to go back next week and watch "The Tale of Desperaux"!
Happy Summer!

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Bingham Family said...

Oh it was so fun to catch up on your blog and all the fun things your family has been doing. Your picts of Redlands made me homesick for it.