Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoe debut and a new park too

This morning I took the kids to "Dragon Park" in West Nashville. I thought it would be a great place for Zac to break in his new shoes. We have heard great things about this park but have never been.
At first Zackary was not so sure about the shoes. He definately prefers going barefoot (don't we all?)
The park was really wonderful. The playground was terrific and the park's namesake, a giant mosaic dragon, totally wowed the kids!
Zac took a break from walking to rest on the dragon's back.
Max would love to have his own pet dragon. He could fly it anywhere and use it to destroy things.
The mosaics on the dragon were really interesting. Zackary discovered superman.
A tiny version of the superhero.
My favorite was the Mr. Sunshine high in the sky.
There were great places to climb.
And tunnels to hide in and crawl through.
If you look closely into the tunnel you can see Max running away from the camera.
After spending 2 hours exploring the park in the heat and humidity all of our water was gone and the kids were tired! We decided it was time for some ice cream!
Max got chocolate with oreo cookies.
Mia picked out strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Such a little girl :)

Zackary shared my dark chocolate with caramel. As you can see from his smiley face and little dance I think he loves the shoes! (maybe it had something to do with the ice cream as well!)

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Holly said...

Cute sandals. Stride Rite makes a good shoe. The park looks fun. You're braver than me to go to the park in this heat and humidity! The joys of Tennessee! ;-)