Friday, March 5, 2010

swap, sun, wind, and other matters of great urgency

Last night my friend Amy hosted a little "swap and shop". Everyone came with loads of stuff that was headed to Goodwill. I left with some great finds! I am super excited about my freebies! I am loving this red pea coat. Can't you just see me wearing it to see the lights at Temple Square this December? :) brand khaki pants! Score! I found a great dress (very 70's) but I will have to model it later. Thanks Amy! It was a fun night!
Today we are expecting a high temperature of 50 degrees, which would be warm enough for some outside play if it wasn't for the wind chill....Brrrr! Max and Mia are braving it.
I keep thinking that because the sun is shining it should be warm. Not quite! Maybe tomorrow!
Onto other matters of urgency....I am out of my beloved dark cocoa powder that I use to make my hot chocolate every morning :(
Must make a trip or Saturday morning will be very sad.

Tonight: The latest "Lost" episode
Chicken dinner with Rob and Lisa
Jim and Pam's baby arrives - "The Office"
Happy Friday!

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deckhandmoo's sing-a-long blog said...

That is really cool that you had a swap. That is a good idea. I love that red coat!