Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Morning After

I remember, as a high school student, driving around with some girlfriends and eating entire bags of nacho cheese doritos. I recall making massive bags of peanut butter m&m's disappear. I often skipped breakfast at home and instead ate cookies in class.
I ate this way and felt and looked amazing.
I am noticing, as I get a little older, that I can no longer behave this way. I am usually very good at ordering salads and choosing smaller portions, but occasionally I indulge.
Last night Ty and I went out with some friends. We left Zack behind for the first time. We went to Friday's and we were having a great time laughing and talking. Then came the eating. I ordered onion rings AND fries. I ate them with glee.
I went to bed last night feeling terrible! I had a stomach ache and heartburn, and I felt like I had probably gained 10 pounds. I am SOOO old :(
This morning I am medicating myself with a long workout and lots of water. I am planning on making better choices for my well being.
Lesson learned.

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