Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

(This is just a cute picture of Mia it has nothing to do with my happy monday themed post, except that it was taken on Monday)

The weekend was a blast! It flew by and it was full of successful recipe testing.
I roasted potatoes in hot bacon grease - amazing!
Made homemade alfredo sauce for a chicken alfredo pizza - best pizza ever!
Baked brownies using dark chocolate cocoa and then using regular cocoa, and I think using a mixture of both kinds will yield the best results.
Cooked up some copycat Cafe Rio burritos - awesome!

We had our usual "Lost" party, Met a new family in our complex, flew kites, made it to church on time, had a dinner party with friends, and watched "Life" on the discovery channel with the kiddos!

It was a great weekend! A very much needed weekend :)
This week I will be busy filling plastic eggs, dying chicken eggs, hiding easter eggs, and eating chocolate eggs.
I hope everyone is having an "egg"cellent Monday :)


Jessica Newman said...

you are so wonderful ALWAYS positive and upbeat I totally admire you! -How do you do it? No seriously -how? I'm definitely in need of some advice in this area lately :)

Bingham Family said...

Happy Monday! I know a lot of people hate Mondays... but I love them. Its always nice to jump into a new week. Especially if that week includes something fun... like Easter and Conference and all sorts of good stuff. Hope you have fun with all the "egg stuff." I just bought nine dozen! Let the egg coloring begin!