Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perfect Patient

This coming Monday is Kindergarten Registration!
I have been busy getting ready.
This morning Max had his Pre-K physical exam and his booster shots. He did great! He was super brave!
Mia kept herself busy during Max's appointment with a bag of caramel corn, her very favorite treat.
When we finished at the doctor's office I took Max to Target to pick out a special treat for being such a good little patient. He picked M&M's and was very happy! He is super excited to start Kindergarten in the fall.
The rest of the day has been wonderful! The weather has been gorgeous and we took a walk to the playground. I set up the little table and chairs outside so that Max and Mia could have a picnic. Tonight we are grilling some steaks. It will be our first dinner together as a family since last Sunday! Ty's schedule has been crazy. I am so glad we are spending today together!

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