Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines, Playgroup, and Cupcakes

Today we had a little Valentine's Day Playgroup at the church. We met in the gym which was perfect for all our stir crazy children. They ran and ran! Hopefully we can get naps or at least an early bedtime out of them!
Max and Mia brought Valentine cards to give out to their friends and I dipped pretzels in chocolate for them to give out as well.
There were cupcakes for everyone to decorate. This is Mia's cute little hand carefully placing conversation hearts on her cupcake. I still love the idea of conversation hearts. I think they are so girlie!
Max did a little decorating as well. Even if the frosting was pink. Boys like conversation hearts too :)

Time for a taste test. Max unwrapped his cupcake and took a big bite. Mia ate the candy and frosting off the top of hers.
Lots of running, playing, friends, and sugar made for a fantastic little party!

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Bingham Family said...

yummy fun! Oh and I love the pict of your little tiger!