Saturday, September 12, 2009

Max's First Game!

This morning we had Max's first soccer game! He was so excited! He tried to get himself dressed an hour early.
Mia wanted a good look at Max in Uniform.
The pre-game huddle with coach Spurlock. Today's game was vs. team Germany.

The starters!
There are only 3 players on the field at a time from each team. The playing field is pretty small!

A little bit of the action. Max is #2. He did a great job and scored 3 goals!
Max was a happy and sweaty little guy after the game. He says he loves soccer and is ready for another game next week :)


Joyce said...

I LOVE that last picture! Max is one of my favorite Primary kids. Don't know if I should say that, but it is true. He is so adorable!

Braden said...

Nothing cuter than sweaty little kids playing soccer! That looks really fun. Is that Miyah on the team or just someone who looks like her from the back?

Jessica said...